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From the Fall 2019 Term


Student orientation with WAVS School director Lili Mane.

38 students enrolled because of the One Student community

Word has gotten out that WAVS is offering courses you can’t find anywhere else in town, which means more and more youth are asking about how they can enroll. Thanks to the One Student Community, 38 of those young people received training in the fall term in computer basics, English, French and welding.

Gabu Campus English Class

A look at the WAVS English class at the new Gabu campus.

WAVS launched a new partnership

The WAVS Schools is expanding. Last year, WAVS partnered with another organization that had built a school in a city called Gabu, but had trouble finding staff. In October, WAVS launched an English course at the Gabu campus and will add additional courses in the years to come.

Gabu Campus English Class

Students have begun enrolling in English classes at the WAVS campus in Gabu.

Some of the items the welding students made and sold to the community.

Welding students sold fish grills, charcoal stoves and small stools

In addition to giving the welding students hands-on experience, the projects that the students complete provide revenue for the school.

Around Campus

During the staff training in December, the team did a lot of team building exercises!

Marfam (French Teacher), Fernando and Bascilo (welding interns)

A view of the land that WAVS acquired in the capital of Guinea-Bissau. The new Bissau campus will train up to 1000 students when complete!

As part of the staff training at the end of the term, the staff celebrated Christmas and worshiped together.

These are just some of the tools that were given out during the Fall 2019 term as part of the New Entrepreneurs Program.

Students gathered at the start of the Fall term for student orientation.

Behind the Scenes

Lili gives us a behind the scenes look at a project the welding students were working on – making new tools to replace old ones that had worn out.


Marfam Caham

French Teacher

Meet Marfam

Marfam grew up speaking French in the neighboring country of Senegal. In 2010, he moved to Guinea-Bissau and began teaching French and Portuguese at a local school. He later enrolled in English and computer basics classes at the WAVS School. Then, in 2018, the school hired him to lead its French course.

When he’s not at the WAVS school, Marfam can be found either teaching elementary students at a nearby private Christian school or swimming in the river.

Where are they now?

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