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Latest updates from the Fall 2021 term


“Ponte da Vida” (Bridge of Life) is the local name of the WAVS vocational schools in Guinea-Bissau.

Welding students install a new campus sign

Welding students built a steel frame for one of the new campus signs and installed it in front of the welding workshop across the street from the WAVS campus in Canchungo. The signs were imported on a shipping container sent to Guinea-Bissau last year.


The welding program had 20 students enroll in the fall term – the highest welding course enrollment ever!

Enrollment is off to a great start

During the fall term, 108 students enrolled at the WAVS vocational school in Canchungo, which exceeded the previous fall enrollment record. School staff are well on their way to meeting their goal of training a total of 500 students during the 2021-2022 school year.

The welding program had 20 students enroll in the fall term – the highest welding course enrollment ever!

WAVS staff from Canchungo and Bissau all gathered together for a Christmas celebration.

School staff celebrate Christmas 

For Christmas, WAVS staff received custom tote bags and food supplies at a staff Christmas celebration. Providing food supplies allows families to be able to spend money on gifts for their families for Christmas.


Around Campus


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The fall semester’s staff training consisted of fun team building activities and an awards ceremony recognizing the strengths of staff members!



Staff freshened up the WAVS campus in Canchungo with a new coat of paint. The harsh weather conditions of Guinea-Bissau means that frequent painting of the campus is a must!

The WAVS team in Bissau is hard at work planning the construction of the new WAVS campus. 

English classes at the Gabu campus are well underway! Moises, a teacher who previously worked at the Canchungo campus, moved to Gabu to start classes earlier this year. 

The bathrooms at the WAVS school in Canchungo received new plumbing, tile, stalls, toilets, fixtures, and a fresh coat of paint!

Earthwork is completed at the WAVS campus in Bissau and construction on the security wall has already begun.

Behind the Scenes

Team Time Fun

Staff at the WAVS school in Canchungo finished up their training with a competitive game of Simon Says!


Nazario Manga

Canchungo French Instructor

Meet Nazario

Nazario Manga was hired as the new French teacher at the WAVS school in Canchungo. Nazaire studied in Senegal (a French-speaking country) and received his master’s degree in French language arts. Previously, he taught French for two years at another school.


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