Since opening its first campus in rural West Africa, the WAVS School has equipped more than 1,000 young women and men with life-changing job skills.

Now, for the first time in 13 years, the school is expanding.

Welcome to the Bissau Campus.

Bissau campus plan in West Africa

In 2019, WAVS began construction on the first phase of the Bissau campus, which will train up to 1,000 students a year, provide space for business incubators, and train the country’s future leaders – all while sharing God’s love through word and deed. Learn more about the vision for the campus here.

This is no small undertaking. We need your help to make it a reality.


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Bissau Campus Classroom building rendering
Classroom Buildings
Duplex building


The future leaders of Guinea-Bissau are ready.

They are ready to pull their country out of severe poverty and work for a better future. They are ready to learn critical job skills so they can transform their communities. They are ready to build up their country for a new generation.

 Let’s give them the opportunity.

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