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>> Giving opportunity is much more impactful than giving charity.

>> West Africans living in poverty are ready to work for a brighter future. All they need is the opportunity.

>> Jesus has called us to love our neighbors, no matter who they are or where they live.

Based on these simple beliefs, WAVS opened its first vocational school in 2006 in a nearly-forgotten corner of the world – a tiny country in West Africa called Guinea-Bissau. Since then, WAVS schools have equipped more than 1,400 young people with life-changing job skills.

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The WAVS Team

Get to know the WAVS Board of Directors, the WAVS staff, and the staff at the WAVS vocational schools.

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Almamo Danfa
The WAVS School being built

The WAVS Story

Read the story of how one woman with a vision formed key partnerships that have impacted hundreds of lives.

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WAVS Financials

View our public financial statements and our annual tax filings.

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WAVS Canchungo Campus

They are ready. Give them the opportunity.

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