What is WAVS core?

The WAVS Core is a group of WAVS donors who have demonstrated a strong commitment to partner with WAVS so that, together, we can equip young women and men with life-changing job skills in one of the world’s smallest and poorest countries. Core Members support WAVS with gifts of $200 or more per month or $2,500 or more per year


What are the benefits of joining WAVS Core?

As valued partners of WAVS, Core Members enjoy special benefits that include:

  • Four complimentary tickets to the annual WAVS fundraiser and complimentary business promotion at the event.
  • Exclusive behind the scenes video footage from WAVS School staff to hear first-hand about the impact of your contribution.
  • A one-on-one informational update from a WAVS staff member at least once  year so that WAVS Core Members know how their investment is helping create new opportunities for young women and men in Guinea-Bissau
  • An annual gfit from Guinea-Bissau.
  • Priority invitation to join WAVS team trips to Guinea-Bissau.
  • Invitation to an annual Christmas party with other members of the Core community.
WAVS Core members at the annual Core Christmas party

Become part of the Core community!