The vision of WAVS is to see West Africa transformed. The communities we work in will become places where mothers, fathers and young adults have the skills and educational backgrounds they need to provide for their families, Christ-like servant-leaders guide their neighbors to spiritual and personal maturity, and corruption is never tolerated.

Little girl in Guinea-Bissau


Goal 1: To help produce the next generation of leadership in Guinea-Bissau. These leaders will be guided by their commitment to Christ to seek the best interests of their communities and country, becoming pioneers of change in government, business and society.

Objective 1.1: These future leaders will play key roles in reducing the prevalence of corruption and poverty in Guinea-Bissau while increasing economic opportunities and the quality of education.

Goal 2: To raise the standard of living for families and communities in Guinea-Bissau by helping provide training in practical skills and ensuring that those skills translate into jobs.

Language class at West African Vocational Schools

Objective 2.1: The WAVS School in will provide students with a quality vocational education that will help prepare them for employment. The school will graduate students on a consistent basis.

Objective 2.2: The school will grow its reputation both locally and nationally as an institution that provides affordable and high-quality vocational training. A certificate from the WAVS School will be sought-after and valued by both students and employers.

Objective 2.3: We will develop programs that help graduates enter the formal and informal business sectors. These programs will provide services such as micro loans, internships, affordable tools, and business mentors.

Mechanics student receiving hands-on training

Goal 3: To work with local leaders to ensure that WAVS vocational schools become self-sustaining.

Objective 3.1: Guinea-Bissau staff will follow an agreed-upon timeline to bring the schools to a point where they are financially self-sustaining. U.S. partners may provide some funding for expansion projects and/or to help subsidize programs targeting underprivileged groups.


1. Humbly submitted to Christ

2. Pursuing partnerships with a spirit of cooperation

3. Ambitious and measurable goals

4. Integrity and transparency

5. Financial accountability