A new job skill to overcome poverty

Many people in West Africa live on less than $2 a day. But they’re ready to work for a brighter future. All they need is the opportunity.

WAVS Vocational Schools train young people like Lino to become welders so that they can earn a good income and provide for their families. But learning a new skill can be challenging. So we’re collecting notes of encouragement to share with Lino and his fellow students. You can help by sending a note to Lino using the form above. Please include your email address so we can send you his response!

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Why West Africa?

WAVS Vocational Schools operate in a tiny country in West Africa called Guinea-Bissau. It’s one of the smallest and poorest countries in the world. But we’ve seen that young people here are ready to work hard – if they’re given the job skills needed to succeed!

Today, WAVS schools equip more than 200 students each year with practical, hands-on skills. In addition, WAVS provides its graduates with basic tool kits so that they can start their own businesses.

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