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Latest updates from Fall 2022 


Welders in West Africa welding a gate

Students have already started hands-on projects like welding this gate for the temporary welding workshop.

First welding class at the Bissau campus begins

All 20 available slots were quickly filled by students eager to learn this important new job skill.

The Bissau campus has already trained over 100 students!

Bissau campus more than doubles enrollment from previous term

The Fall term had 79 students enroll, which is more than double the Summer term which had 32 students.

The Bissau campus has already trained over 100 students since opening in April!

Welding students working on desks in West Africa

Students welded the metal framework for the desks before attaching wooden tops.

Welding students build desks for new classroom

The project helped students gain practical skills and furnish the new classroom building.

Around Campus

Lights were installed at the welding workshop. This allows students to easily see their work even on cloudy or rainy days.

Teresa is an IT student at the WAVS school in Bissau. In the future, she wants to own and run her own supermarket.

Honorio Mendes is studying to become a nurse. However, he understands knowing English can open up more jobs and opportunities for him. “This (English) can help me in the future to speak to other people and have work and more opportunities in the future”.

Underground electrical wiring was installed at the Bissau campus to provide power to the second classroom building.

Behind the Scenes

Building the Bissau Campus

Tremendous progress has been made on the Bissau campus since the land was first purchased in 2019. Almost all of the 28 acres of land have been cleared, and two classroom buildings, a temporary welding workshop, and a water tower have all been built in the last three years. 



WAVS Assistant Welding Instructor

Meet Dalton da Silva

Dalton graduated from the welding course at the WAVS school in Canchungo in 2021. A year after he completed the course, WAVS conducted a survey and asked graduates about the impact the school had on their lives.

When asked about the spiritual impact of the school, Dalton said, “Before attending this school, I did not care about the Word of God, and I was hopeless about my life and my future. When the teacher shared about Jesus and his hope, it helped me a lot.”

The graduate survey also alerted staff to the fact Dalton had moved to Bissau. As staff prepared to start the welding course at the Bissau campus, they realized they would need an assistant to help run the class. The position was offered to Dalton and he accepted. Now, he helps lead devotionals with students taking the same course that changed his life.


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