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Give opportunity.
One student at a time.

One Student is a community of monthly givers who believe in a world where everyone has the opportunity to work for a brighter future. Together, we work in one of the world’s poorest regions to equip youth with life-changing job skills – one student at a time.

Thanks to a generous donor, new members who sign up before November 24 will see their monthly gifts matched for the first year. Learn more.


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West African youth equipped with life-changing job skills thanks to the One Student community.

Why Join One Student?

Give Opportunity

More than 3 out of 4 students who graduate from WAVS vocational schools in West Africa have either started working or are continuing to study. A $40 monthly gift helps train one student at a time.

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See Your Impact

At the end of each three-month school term, you will receive an impact report with personalized data, including the total number of students that you have personally helped train.

You’ll also get a behind-the-scenes look at the lives of the students and teachers through stories, photos and videos in The Yearbook.

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Be Part of a Community

Come alongside others who are helping create a world where everyone has the opportunity to provide for themselves and their family.

To stay connected to the movement

“We give to WAVS to stay connected to the movement. The movement of individuals bent on building a better future for themselves, their families, and their country. You inspire us!”



To be a part of what God is doing in Guinea-Bissau

“We give because we have been given so much and it reminds us that all we have is from God. We love that our family gets to be a part of what God is doing in Guinea Bissau through WAVS. Our family can skip one meal out a month and provide a student with training. We love that $40 a month can make a big difference in Guinea-Bissau.”

To make a long-term difference

“We need more organizations committed to building the whole person. Caring about their health, education, relationships and spiritual life. Giving to WAVS is a no-brainer for our family because we know we are using our resources to make a long term difference in one of the world’s most challenged communities.”


Give opportunity. Every month.

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