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Latest updates from Spring 2023 


Former welding intern, Mussa Demba, receives NEP kit

Welding interns are awarded a NEP kit with supplies when they complete their internship.

Former welding intern, Mussa Demba, receives NEP tool kit

The NEP (New Entrepreneur Program) kits contain supplies to help welders start up a small workshop. NEP kits are awarded to welding interns at the end of their program. These interns are selected for their outstanding performance as students and receive an additional year of training and hands-on practice.

Welding students at the WAVS vocational Schools in Guinea-Bissau put a new roof over the bathrooms on the temporary welding workshop.

Projects like these allow students to receive real world hands-on experience..

Welding students “Raise the Roof”

Students and staff worked hand-in-hand to install a roof on the welding workshop restrooms – just in time for the rainy season!

Welding students at the WAVS vocational Schools in Guinea-Bissau put a new roof over the bathrooms on the temporary welding workshop.

Projects like these allow students to receive real-world hands-on experience..

Language Students at the Gabu campus in Guinea-Bissau, West Africa.

Epifania (left), Wie (middle), and Ester (right) are all studying English at the WAVS school in Gabu

Classes are in full swing at the Gabu campus

Several levels of French and English classes are underway at the Gabu campus. Gabu is located in the Eastern part of the country.

Around Campus


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Staff training at the Bissau campus in Guinea Bissau West Africa

Staff training in April consisted of team building activities, teacher training, and reviewing team culture. Each training day starts off with a staff led devotional time.


computer training lab in Guinea-Bissau West Africa at the WAVS vocational school

Some of the WAVS teachers are students too! Welding teachers, Cirilo and Dalton, are enrolled in the IT advanced course to improve their computer skills.

Students receiving notes of encouragement from the United States

Last year, people in the United States submitted notes of encouragement for our students. We translated the notes and shared them with the classes. The students felt honored that people across the world are cheering them on!

WAVS staff in matching red shirts

Ever show up to work and match others in the office? Five of the staff had an accidental twinning day.

Behind the Scenes

See inside the classroom buildings at the Bissau campus

WAVS Executive Director, Chris Collins, visited the Bissau campus and videoed a tour of the new flagship campus. Check it out!



IT Student at the WAVS vocational school in Guinea-Bissau West Africa

Adji “Aziza” Idjatu Jalo

IT Advanced student

Meet Aziza

Aziza has always admired people with computer skills. She initially tried to study computers and English while living in Gabu, but unfortunate circumstances prevented it.

Last year, Aziza moved to Bissau to attend medical school. As soon as she could, she enrolled in the IT course at the WAVS school in Bissau.
Since starting the IT class, Aziza has gained the ability to research, type efficiently, use software like Microsoft Word, and perform tasks like scanning and emailing documents.

“I used to have a colleague who would help me on the computer when we needed it. But being able to do the work yourself is so important. Now, I can do presentations and research by myself.”

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