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Latest updates from the Summer 2022 term


French is spoken in the majority of countries surrounding Guinea-Bissau.

First French class held at the Bissau campus

Thirty-three students enrolled in the Summer term at the WAVS school in Bissau which include the first French students at this campus.

A storage container filled with supplies for the building will be arriving in Guinea-Bissau in several months.

Second classroom building at the Bissau campus now complete

This building features three classrooms that can be used for language or computer classes and a large multipurpose room for trainings, events, and activities.

A storage container filled with supplies for the building will be arriving in Guinea-Bissau in several months.

The workshop will be completed in the next few weeks.

Staff build welding workshop

WAVS staff recycled shipping containers to create a workshop at the Bissau campus. This workshop area will serve as the temporary home to the welding program until the permanent workshop is constructed.

Around Campus


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Staff installed a sign down the street from the Bissau campus to help direct new students or people interested in attending the WAVS schools.

The last finishing touches were added to the first classrooms at the Bissau campus. Drop ceilings, light fixtures, ceiling fans, and floor tiles were all installed during the summer term.

Not your average visitor… Even the livestock in Guinea-Bissau is excited about the WAVS school in Bissau!

Gresiete is studying English at the Bissau campus. In the future, she wants to start a nutrition project in Guinea-Bissau to help teach people how to live a healthy lifestyle.

Rainy season arrives in Guinea-Bissau with a splash! The country receives torrential downpours between the months of June and October every year.

Behind the Scenes

Many hands make light work!

Wood trusses were built and assembled in Portugal and then shipped to Guinea-Bissau. Once arriving at the WAVS school in Bissau, the trusses were installed on the second classroom building.



IT Student

Meet Quecuto da Silva

Quecuto has already found success as an artist and a design teacher; now he wants to use those talents to start his own business!

Quecuto starts his day off teaching art and design to 5th through 11th graders at a local school. He enjoys his job as a teacher, but his dream is to own his own t-shirt company. The WAVS school in Bissau is his first step in achieving that dream. So, after teaching, Quecuto walks down the road to the Bissau campus to attend the computer basics course he is enrolled in.

Quecuto knows computer skills are necessary in order to convert his drawings into designs to be printed on T-shirts. The course will also give him the ability to use excel to track orders, payments, and income.

“I want to thank the people who helped build the school because the school is giving us the opportunity to learn things we didn’t have the opportunity to learn before and these things can help us in the future in our jobs”.


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