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Latest updates from Summer 2023 


Mario is no stranger to WAVS. In addition to having taught at the Canchungo campus, he started out there as a student!

Bissau campus welcomes two new English teachers!

Mario Djedjo, who formerly taught at the WAVS school in Canchungo, has rejoined the team in Bissau along with Braima Sambu. 



There are 18 welding students enrolled for the 2023/2024 term! 

Welding students receive custom uniforms

Each welding student receives their very own welding uniform as well as some basic tools and supplies as part of their tuition.

There are 18 welding students enrolled for the 2023/2024 year! 

34 students are currently studying English at the Bissau campus.

The first English students at the Bissau campus are set to graduate at the end of next month!

Students must complete 5 levels of English in order to graduate with a certificate from a WAVS school. 

Around Campus


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Welding students take a trip to Canchungo to learn machining skills. 


Fridays are team lunch days at the office! Staff spend time eating together and playing team building games.

French classes are going well at the Gabu campus. Justino (right) chose to study at the WAVS school in Gabu because it not only teaches French (a common trade language in the region), but also the word of God.

Welding students construct security bars for the fence at the Bissau campus. This helps provide the students with real world hands on experience and keeps construction costs down for the school.

Behind the Scenes

See the 2023-2024 welding class in action!

As you watch, you may spot some of the projects that the students work on  like security bars for fences and a tool for grilling.



Paulo Co

WAVS Security Guard

Meet Paulo Co

Paulo joined the WAVS team as a security guard in 2023. The guards at the WAVS schools play an important role – not only do they help make sure the school and students are taken care of, they are also the first face students see when they arrive at campus.

In his free time, Paulo can still be found at the Bissau campus – in the IT room. After seeing and witnessing the computer skills students were learning at the Bissau campus, he decided to take the course himself!

Where are they now?

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