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Latest updates from the Spring 2022 term


The Bissau campus is the third WAVS school to open in Guinea-Bissau.

Bissau Campus opens with 32 students enrolled

The Bissau campus officially opened on April 19 after years of hard work! The first group to attend the new campus was made up of 22 computer students and 10 English students. You can read the behind-the-scenes story of how we opened the Bissau campus here!

WAVS welding interns and staff constructed and installed the water tower at the Bissau campus.

Interns and instructors install water tower

WAVS welding instructors and student interns installed a 20 foot tall water tower at the Bissau campus. The water tower connects to the well on the property and feeds into the first classroom building. The well extends almost 200 meters (more than 650 feet) deep in to the ground and provides fresh, drinkable water unlike most wells in Guinea-Bissau. The typical hand dug well in Guinea-Bissau is usually only between 10-15 meters deep.

The well at the WAVS school in Bissau provides clean drinking water to the campus.

Over 30 students, staff, and community leaders were interviewed by WAVS staff and volunteers.

Staff and video team visits Guinea-Bissau

During the Spring term, WAVS team members and a volunteer film team from the US met with graduates, students, and community leaders to learn more about the impact WAVS vocational schools have had in the local community. 

Around Campus


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WAVS staff began construction on a temporary workshop made out of shipping containers at the WAVS campus in Bissau. This workshop area will serve as the temporary home to the welding program until the permanent workshop is constructed.

Construction is progressing on the second classroom building at the Bissau campus. This building will host additional computer and language courses once complete.


For years, translators have been working in one of the office spaces at the Gabu campus to translate the Bible into Fula, a language found in West and Central Africa. So far, they have translated 5 books of the Bible and anticipate another 20 years of work before the project is complete. 

Thanks to the generosity of donors, the first classroom building at the Bissau campus is outfitted with brand new desks, chairs, projectors, and computers!

The Gabu campus is in full bloom! WAVS teacher, Moise, planted flowers at the Gabu campus immediately after moving to the area to run the English class. Several months later, his hard work paid off with a beautiful array of blooming flowers!

All hands were on deck to help open the Bissau campus! In the weeks leading up to the opening, WAVS staff and teachers did everything from arranging classrooms and offices to completing a week-long teacher training session. 

Behind the Scenes

Take a tour of the new WAVS school in Bissau!

Welcome to the Bissau campus! Join WAVS Executive Director, Chris Collins, on a tour of the new WAVS school located in the heart of Guinea-Bissau! See inside the first classroom building and get a first hand look at the second classroom already under construction.



Director of Education

Meet Carolina Bottura Jose

Carolina is the new Director of Education for WAVS schools. Carolina was born and raised in Brazil, where she went to University of Sao Paulo and received a BA in languages. After her studies, she spent years teaching and working in Brazil, Mexico, and Iraq. 


As the Director of Education, Carolina hires and trains the local teachers for all the WAVS campuses and develops curriculum for the IT and language courses. She also runs teacher training courses at the schools and follows up with graduates to ensure that the quality of education at the schools remains top-notch!


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