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Latest updates from Winter 2023


welding theory class

 Welding students start Tuesday and Thursday mornings in the classroom learning welding theory. 

The second classroom building at the Bissau campus is now in use

This classroom building now houses a French class and welding theory class, and has a classroom for a future additional IT class. It also has a large multipurpose room that can be used for meetings and gatherings. 

At 5,000 square feet, this classroom building is twice the size of the first classroom building! To get an idea of just how big it is, check out the video below which shows the solar panels being installed on it.

welding students west africa

Welding students get to put the theory they learn in class into practice at the welding workshop.

The welding program at the Bissau campus is in full swing

This quarter, students have been working on building shelves, desks, bed frames and benches. 

These projects give the students hands-on practice and also is an additional source of income for the school as the projects are often sold to people in the community.

welding students west africa

Welding students get to put the theory they learn in class into practice at the welding workshop.

These supplies will give WAVS vocational schools the capacity to train even more students this year!

Much needed supplies arrived by shipping container

Access to quality materials in Guinea-Bissau is extremely limited. As a result, WAVS vocational schools often must import supplies using shipping containers. Recently, WAVS imported construction materials, furnishings for the second classroom building and welding supplies for the welding program at the Bissau campus. 

Around Campus


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After 2 years working for WAVS in the United States, Laura Trickett joined staff on the ground in Guinea-Bissau as the WAVS Program Director.


Getting the word out: Matilde, administrative assistant at the Bissau campus, visited local high schools to let tell them about the upcoming term at the WAVS school in Bissau.

Some mornings, the Bissau campus is blanketed in a thin layer of fog.

The temporary welding workshop now has bathrooms including an area for showers so students can get cleaned up before heading home from a day of classes.

The cashew trees on the Bissau campus are utilized by staff for a quick snack! Cashews come in a hard shell that are burnt and smashed to access the cashew nut inside.

Behind the Scenes

Solar panels mean reliable electricity for the Bissau campus

Recently solar panels were installed on the second classroom building at the Bissau campus. This will ensure that classes will be able to run uninterrupted, even amidst city-wide power outages.



Director of Construction Management and Training

Adriaan Schikkerling

Director of Construction Management & Training

Meet Adriaan Schikkerling

Adriaan joined the WAVS team in Guinea-Bissau in February of 2023 as the Director of Construction Management and Training.

Since a very young age Adriaan has been passionate about making a difference in the lives of underprivileged individuals as well as poverty stricken communities. He believes every human being has the right to basic necessities and therefore serving in love and good will has been his goal over the years in whatever way or form it presents itself.

“Joining WAVS and being part of a vision that will impact so many lives is an absolute privilege. I am excited to see what the future holds.”

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